About Me


Hello there, fellow adventurers! I'm Lewis, a British explorer with a passion for carving fresh tracks on snowy slopes and scaling new heights, both in life and on the bouldering wall.


Born and raised in the heart of the UK, I've always had an innate curiosity for the world beyond our shores. Fuelled by wanderlust, I embarked on an epic journey that became a turning point in my life—a journey that saw me traversing six incredible countries in just six weeks, courtesy of Interrail.


With four of those weeks spent immersing myself in the rich cultures of Romania, I also ventured through Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, and Bulgaria, each country leaving an indelible mark on my soul. It was here, amidst the diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, that I had the opportunity to teach myself some more of the beautiful languages spoken there, forging connections that transcended borders.


Aside from travel, fitness is a huge part of my life. It's not just a hobby for me; it's a way of life. Whether it's the rush of speeding down snow-covered mountains or the challenge of conquering climbing routes, I thrive on pushing my physical boundaries. My Interrail adventure led me on numerous hikes, including some challenging ones in scorching 44-degree heat!


But one thing I treasure above all else is the joy of exploring the culinary wonders of the world. From the sun-soaked shores of Greece to the tantalising flavours of Italy, from the vibrant markets of Spain to the tantalising tastes of Croatia, I believe that the heart of any culture lies in its cuisine.


So, join me on this epic journey as I share my snowboarding adventures, fitness exploits, and tales of conquering language barriers. Let's embark on a virtual odyssey together, celebrating the beauty of travel, culture, and, of course, the incredible tastes of the world. Together, we can explore Europe and beyond!





Recent Activities

June 2, 2024
A church in Old Town Cluj-Napoca with a Romanian flag next to it.

Cluj-Napoca; Unchartered Territory Part 5

  Cluj-Napoca is often referred to as the “Heart of Transylvania” but this is because of its historical and economical significance, rather than its geographical […]

Photo gallery

Exploring the world with a traveller's vision doesn't have to strain your wallet. As a budget-conscious adventurer, I've come to cherish the journey while keeping costs in check. My trusty phone camera has long been my faithful companion, capturing moments without the need for expensive photography gear.

Through my smartphone lens, I've learned that extraordinary experiences can be documented and shared with ease, turning every adventure into an affordable, visually captivating tale on my blog and Instagram.

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